A Whole New World

rating: pg-15
genre: crack. straight up crack.
pairing: chanbaek
word count: 450w
summary: chanyeol wants to show baekhyun a whole new world.

          "Hey Baek." Chanyeol says, body sprawled out on the sofa with his head and arms hanging off the edge. "I got something to sing to you." Baekhyun sighs and looks up from his seat at the dining table, where he's going through his script for Singing In The Rain.

          "What is it, Yeol? I swear to god if its another one of those stupid cat videos again I will rip your dick off and feed it to the rest of the group." Chanyeol is unfazed by this threat and bounds over to him like the severely oversized beagle he is.

          Chanyeol settles in the seat next to Baekhyun and taps at his phone for a bit before the melody for A Whole New World from the Aladdin movie starts playing. "Chanyeol, what on earth are you d-" A large hand comes up to clamp over his mouth as Chanyeol begins singing.

          "I can show you my dick, shining, shimmering, splendid - tell me, princess, now when did you last let your ass decide?" Chanyeol's deep voice reverberates around the empty living room. "I can open your eyes, take you wonder by woooooonder. Over, sideways and under, on a magic carpet riiiide." He's belting it out now, eyes closed as he gestures with his hands like a deranged conductor. Baekhyun wants to die.

          "A whole nEW WOOOOORLD, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, or where to fuck, or say we're only dreaaaming." Chanyeol's got Baekhyun's face squished by his hands as he yells the lyrics in his face. Baekhyun would be lying if he said that Chanyeol's deep voice singing such things didn't excite his friend at all. His friend's excitement was growing at a rapid pace. Stop, friend, stop stop stop stop stop st-

          "Baek? Is this actually exciting you?" He hears Chanyeol's voice, full of disbelief and amusement. His eyes snap open to see Chanyeol staring straight at his crotch. WHY did he choose to wear sweatpants?

           Baekhyun opens his eyes, takes a deep breath and begins to sing. "Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings, soaring tumbling freewheeling, through an endless orgasmic high- a whole nEW WOOOOOOOORLD-"

          "Don't you dare close your eyes," Chanyeol pipes in helpfully.

          "A huge ass dick for you to see-"

          "Hold your breath, it gets better," Chanyeol adds.

          "It's like a shooting star, I've come so hard, I can't go back to how I used to sleeeeeeeeep." Baekhyun ends with a dramatic adlib, his dick standing properly straight and hard in his pants.

          There's an awkward silence, the fact that they'd probably just ruined their childhoods forever sinking in.

          "Um." Chanyeol breaks the silence first. He looks down at Baekhyun's pants, and then at his own. They're sporting similar-looking tents. "Wanna find a whole new world?"

a/n: i am so sorry this was so cracky and like weird but anywaaaaaay i hope you liked it? :'c

a lot like love

a lot like love
word count: 1542 words
rating: nc-17
pairing: taohun!!!
summary: sehun’s got a helpful mouth and zitao’s got a confused heart.
warning: essentially pwp oops ;___;

    "can i join you?" zitao asks as he joins sehun under the hot water falling from the rain shower.

  "don't ask questions you already know the answer to." a small smile's on sehuns face as he turns to pump a small amount of shampoo onto his hand. "let me." zitao reaches across and pumps shampoo into his hand, pushing sehun down onto the tiles with his empty hand. he slowly begins massaging sehuns head, working his hair into a lather. "your new hair's really nice, hyung. blonde looks good on you." sehun mutters, little sighs of content escaping his lips as zitao massages his scalp.

  "yeah? i like it too." zitao grins at how cute sehun looks sitting on the floor like a five year old. they stay like this in silence for a while, zitao still carefully washing sehun's hair.

    suddenly, sehun opens his eyes and looks up. "your dick's in my face." he says matter-of-factly.
  zitao lets out a loud laugh. "what are you going to do about that?" their eyes meet, and the look in sehun's eyes startle tao, something of both lust and determination. sehun stands and looks zitao dead in the eyes. his head's covered in white foam and he looks like santa claus. zitao thinks sehun looks absolutely adorable, and then sehun's lips are on his and zitao's pressed up against the cold tiles of the shower wall and sehun's lips feel so so so so good and soft and warm and amazing and zitao thinks he could stay like this forever. they kiss hard and fast and someone's tongue's caught by teeth mashing together, but they don't stop. sehun grabs the back of zitao's neck with one hand and the other comes up to pull zitao closer to him. sehun's tongue, zitao learns, is good for things other than sticking out at random times to make him look annoyingly cute. sehun's reaching places in zitao's mouth he never knew could be reached and it feels so addictive, so exhilarating, that zitao thinks he's drunk on him. zitao can feel each sehun's growing (and impressive) erection pressing against his thigh, and he's pretty sure sehun feels his cock doing the same.

    after a minute or so they break apart for air, (not that they wanted to, zitao kinda felt like sehun was his air) and there's a hungry, almost feral look in sehun's eyes that makes zitao shudder.

  "let me." sehun says, his voice hoarse from all the kissing. he gets on his knees and takes the head of zitao's very erect cock into the warm, wet heat of his mouth. zitao's head slams painfully against the wall as sehun swirls his tongue around the girth of zitao's cock, warm and soft and oh so sinful. the flat of sehun's tongue runs up along the vein on the underside of zitao's dick, letting zitao's length slide further and further back in his mouth until it hits the back of his throat and it feels so tight and so amazing zitao has to hold his orgasm back with every ounce of his energy.

    sehun's head is under the stream of water falling from the showerhead, and zitao's got his hand in sehun's hair, washing away the shampoo as best he can while receiving mind-blowing, toe-curling head. sehun looks up at him, his pupils blown and lips stretched wonderfully around his dick.

  "so fucking beautiful." zitao moans, earning an extra hard suck and a hard dig into his slit with that fucking tongue. a hand cups zitao's balls and squeezes hard as the other fists whatever part of zitao's impressive length couldn't be taken in his mouth, and zitao is so so close when suddenly it's all gone- he whines out loud from the loss of touch and sehun chuckles, the sound clear and deep. he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, water from the shower still running down his well-chiseled body. "why'd you stop?" zitao whines, his feline features twisted into a expression of both arousal and frustration. sehun looks at zitao with even eyes as he takes zitao's hand and brings it up to his mouth, beginning to suck on his fingers. zitao swallows, hard, watching sehun's cheeks hollow around his fingers and his adam's apple bob up and down in time with his sucking.

    after zitao's fingers are well coated, sehun turns around and supports himself with his hands up against the wall, wiggling butt in front of zitao's dick. zitao feels his cock twitch at the sight of sehun's hole, all pink muscle and temptation. by now, sehun's really worked up, his cock hanging heavy between his legs, steadily leaking precome that's dripping onto the tiled floor. "you look so beautiful like this." he breathes, willing the image of sehun looking so wrecked and eager to stay in his memory forever.

  "hurry up, hyung." sehun whines, grinding back to rub the crack of his ass against zitao's dick.

  "so eager," zitao smirks as he begins to massage sehun's entrance, trying to get the tight muscles to relax and let his fingers in. the first finger goes in and sehun lets out a loud moan. zitao drags his lone finger along the soft tissues, eliciting more loud moans from sehun.

  "another." sehun groans, one hand coming off the wall to tug at his dick. zitao obeys, pushing a second finger in, followed by a third. by then, sehun's moving his hips in circles, getting the fingers inside him to create wonderful friction. the fingers brush against a certain spot and sehun moans so loud and so sensually that zitao thinks he could come from the sound alone. "fa-faster," sehun breathes, sounding really breathless and really really fucking hot. zitao gulps as he lines his dick up to sehun's hole.

  "are you sure you're ready?" he asks, nervous about hurting sehun. "it's my first time and i don't want to hur-ohhhhhhh." sehun's reached behind him to grab tao's dick and guide it into his entrance, pushing back simultaneously. sehun's ass feels like winning the lottery, zitao thinks. or better.

    "hyung, move." sehun sounds annoyed at zitao's lack of movement, and zitao takes this as a cue to start thrusting, pulling out halfway before thrusting back in. it starts out slow, him still being nervous about hurting sehun. but soon, the pleasure takes over the nerves and zitao is thrusting in and out of the tight heat of sehun's ass at a frantic pace, his dick creating delicious friction with sehun's walls. his balls are slapping against sehun's dick as he pounds relentlessly into the tightness of sehun's ass, and with every thrust, sehun's moans and breaths increase in both intensity and volume.

    somehow, tao's got sehun manoeuvred up against the cold glass of the shower door, sehun's dick pressed up flush against the door. zitao's got his hand under sehun's left thigh while his other hand has a firm grip on sehun's hip, bringing his leg up and pushing it against the glass for more leverage to fuck harder and faster into sehun. the new position's got zitao's thrusts hitting an entirely new spot, the spot that makes sehun see stars every time zitao fucks up into him. combined with the feeling of the cold glass against his heated body, his dick rubbing so so so fucking sinfully against the glass with every thrust, and the head of zitao's fucking beautiful dick hitting that same spot inside of him, holding it together is just too hard for sehun. he comes all over the glass with a yell of zitao’s name, clenching tightly around zitao's dick as he shudders and his back arches and he sees stars explode behind his eyes and fuck, that felt so fucking amazing. the clench of sehun's walls around his dick is too much for zitao as well and he comes hard in sehun's ass, his nails digging into sehun's hip hard enough to draw blood as he leans into the crook between sehun's shoulder and neck and moans sehun’s name long and low in his ear.

    after they've both come down from their highs, zitao pulls out and slumps down onto the floor, completely exhausted. sehun's on the floor too, his cheeks pink and bubbles of soap still in his hair.

  "um." zitao starts very eloquently. "fuck." sehun laughs, his eyes crinkling into half moons as his entire face lights up, radiating pure beauty. “i’m pretty sure all the other members know what we’re doing in here by now.”

  sehun giggles, his head lolling to the side, looking positively and blissfully fucked out. zitao fights the urge to lunge forward and kiss what little energy is left in him away. he settles for a soft smile as he shuffles over next to sehun and lets sehun lean his head on his shoulder.

    as sehun falls asleep on his shoulder, cheek warm and soft, zitao wonders when the platonic relationship with his (adorable) bandmate turned into something more, and why he didn’t mind that at all. he realises the coil in his stomach that was there the whole time was still there, and it was beginning to feel a lot less like lust and a lot more like love.

a/n: this is my first time writing a fic, like ever, and (of course) it had to be smut. i apologise for any weird things that may have popped up in the fic, it was written purely out of love for the idea of taohun shower sex and everything kinda just babbled itself into this fic. i love taohun. thank you for reading!